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If your desire is to successfully buy, run or inquire any information about Franchise ownership, well, congratulations you just found us. We are Franchise Broker based in Missouri and serving clients across North America . We have seasoned experience in addressing an underserved market in the industry in need of superior training, education, and support for purchasing a franchised business. The need to invest in a franchise cannot be overemphasized and with over 4,000 existing franchise brands and still growing, it is an exciting time for investing in a franchise business. However, contrary to the misconception by many that buying and running a franchise is easy, well, while we agree to the fact that it’s far easier than starting from scratch, it is not that easy. The franchise industry has become more complex, and many potential buyers struggle to navigate the vast amount of information and unique franchised brands and select the best franchise brand fitting their individual passions, skills, and business style. But guess what? That is why we are here – GET ME FRANCHISE fills that gap by providing comprehensive consultative services, creating a successful purchase experience, and highly satisfying future. Our experience over the years avails us the flexibility to help you determine your strengths, transferable skill sets as well as your lifestyle objectives. This will allow us to identify several good business options that align with your primary goals, needs, and expectations and are within your funding capabilities. We pride ourselves on our ability in providing honesty, integrity, and responsiveness to every associate, franchisor, and prospect that we have the privilege of serving. Why not join us today? – We make the journey hassle free Our Vision  To become an innovative player in the highly complicated franchise marketing by the virtue of a hard earned reputation due to a sustained provision of comprehensive top-class services to both franchisors and prospective franchisees. Our Mission  To provide an impeccable service delivery that will entrepreneurial-minded professionals turn their passion into freedom through franchise ownership. It is our mission to provide services laced with honesty and integrity while at the same time upholding optimum customer satisfaction.


Our team at GET ME FRANCHISE recognize the importance and values of your brand and goals. We, therefore, would strive towards an outstanding service delivery plated with honesty and integrity and would uphold the utmost satisfaction of our highly revered clients.
  • We are equipped with trustworthy professionals who at all times adhere strictly to topmost standards.
  • We remain fully committed to the delivery of our services and to your success – We’ll continue to review Franchisor and align them with client’s needs.
  • We pride in contributing to society and demonstrating social responsibility
  • We pursue new creative ideas to create different options for our clients’ success.
  • We love what we do.
  • We are excellent at what we do.
  • We care about your interests.
  • We are dedicated and excited because of every single person that comes to consult with us.
  • We respond promptly and maintain frequent communication

About our founder Rajiv Shah

Rajiv has worked in corporate America for over 23 years and separated from IBM as a Project Executive. Provided guidance to Fortune 500 companies like Nestle, Coca-cola, SaraLee, Nordstrom. Shell Oil, Compaq Computers and how bringing same expertise to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Rajiv is also volunteering as a mentor for SCORE (Small Business Administrator partner) and helping several individuals and small business owners. Rajiv had done extensive travel while working at corporate America and sacrificed his family time, missed doctors appointment and kids games and concerts. This is where he chooses to separate from corporate America and turn his passion for helping individual and business to own business and gain freedom. I have experienced wonderful success in corporate America but I have also experienced the pain of being downsized. I understand what that does to you and to your family. Rajiv has MBA from Terry School of Business and working with several, not for profit organization and helping education and cultural awareness causes. Rajiv is resourceful, wealth of knowledge and passion to help others.= Rajiv enjoys helping others gain valuable information so they can make an informed educated decision. GET ME FRANCHISE provides expertise and tools to effectively evaluate a franchise preventing costly mistakes. This includes verifying the ROI and profit margins before purchasing a franchise.