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Traits of Successful Franchisees

Many of my acquaintances and clients are asking a valuable question. What are the traits required to become a successful franchisee?  Not everyone is suitable to become a successful franchisee and here are some of the key traits or characteristics of a successful franchisee. Passion: The passion is a key driver for the success, passion …

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Tired of the Job and everyday Grind? Considering to find your freedom and be your own boss?   Are you wondering how to start your own business? If so, Get Me Franchise has the answers you’re looking for. We have have been helping people from different walks of life, seeking to own the business and …

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How to Incorporate a Business

Forms of Business Organization

What is a corporation? The root of the word corporation is the Latin word corpus, or body. In the eyes of the law, a corporation is a person. This person stands independent from the people who formed it and make it run. It can sue someone, buy a car, sell a product, set up contracts, …

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Franchise industry poised for growth in 2018

The franchise sector is growing rapidly compared to the rest of the U.S. economy, according to a new report from the International Franchise Association, which was unveiled Monday at the Washington Post’s State of the Union Preview and delivered by Fastsign’s CEO Catherine Monson. This was also supported by recent Tax cut initiatives. The Tax Cuts and …

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Why Use a Franchise Broker?

How Can Working With a Franchise Broker Help Me?  Franchise ownership is more than purchasing a business. Franchising is a path to independence. Being a Franchise owner is a solid and tested career change. It’s an investment in yourself with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not alone and great support is …

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Starting a business while working full time job

Franchise ownership a second source of income: Franchisees keeping their day jobs Franchisees are increasingly hanging onto their day jobs even after they open their businesses. Sandeep Sheth has a good job as a Project Manager, but he’s lately been feeling like he could use an additional source of income and have his money work …

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Networking a must for a Business Owner

Business Networking

When you own your own business, people constantly associate you with what you do.  For better or for worse, this makes almost any interaction in public an opportunity for you to network for your business. Afraid of networking?  You’re not alone.  Take these four steps to make networking a lot less scary and a lot …

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Learn about franchise concepts that… Generates an average gross revenue of over $1,000,000 on a $150,000 investment! *

Turning Passion into freedom through Business Opportunity is Our Business We are passionate about great franchises. The process of exploring franchise opportunities can be very overwhelming. That’s why GETMEFRANCHISE is excited to provide a comprehensive MATCH process that will reveal business opportunities to turn passion into freedom. Get ready to explore and compare best-fit opportunities …

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